Is it possible to pilot a valve directly with an APEM joystick?
You must use an intermediate board to adapt the voltage and supply the required current.

With a potentiometer joystick, how to get 0V as an output when on the centre?
To achieve this, you need to power it with -5V and +5V

What does the ‘CT’ option mean for a potentiometer on the 4000 series joystick?
Most joysticks are used at centre ; this option introduce a ‘dead zone’ around the centre, it also provides an additional reference connection to the electrical centre of the potentiometer track

CT option

How do I use a joystick to control the cursor on my Microsoft Windows PC?
To use the joystick as a mouse, the "joyball or cursor emulation" output option should be selected.

What are Hall effect sensors?
Hall effect sensors provide a magnetic, non-contacting alternative to potentiometer joysticks. The great advantage of Hall sensors is that they offer an extra long life cycle rating because there are no contacting parts within the sensor system that means they do not electrically wear as a potentiometer does. The main disadvantage of the Hall effect joysticks is their susceptibility to strong electromagnetic interference (EMI).

How long is the lead time?
Typical lead times are 4 to 8 weeks.

Is a wiring harness available for joysticks?
Most series of joysticks come with cables already attached, some however do not, please refer to the datasheet to confirm which are pre-wired. For those series which do not come pre-wired, wiring harnesses are available for an additional cost. One time fees may also apply if special tools are necessary.

Are the M Series resistive joysticks suitable for vehicle or outdoor applications?
APEM does not recommend the M Series resistive joysticks for vehicle or outdoor applications. 4000 Series or any of the sealed Hall effect joysticks should be considered for such applications.

What CANbus options are available?
Canbus J1939 is available for many series, CanOpen is also available on selected series.

What is the HFX Side Plate Joystick?
The HFX Side Plate is a Hall effect, drop-in replacement for the M Series resistive Joystick. Providing a Hall effect output on the M Series mechanics.

For the 9000 series, what does ‘Mixed signal output’ stands for
Ideal for those applications whereby the method of steering is by controlling two motors. For example one motor uses X+Y signals and the other uses X-Y signals. This mixing is achieved by internally orientating the signals at 45 degrees to normal. Typical applications may be twin propeller boats, tracked vehicles, or wheelchairs

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