LED indicators

Is it possible to have a marking on an APEM Led indicator?

On Q-series, custom engraving is available on flush bezel version. Contact us for further details.

Custom engraving

What is the “Daisy-Chain” option?

A new terminal is added, connected to the cathode. It allows a connection between several LED indicators, in a more easy way.

What is the “Check” option?

The terminals are doubled : the additional couple {anode, cathode} is used by the end-user to check whether all LED are in working order.

Is it necessary to connect an external resistor to the indicator?

For the Q series, all models are available with integral resistors to permit direct connection to 6V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 110V and 220V. But for each diameter, a switch voltage option 02 “2VDC” is also available without any internal resistor.

For the VL series, an external resistor must be connected to the product.

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