FLUX : Chemical used for cleaning metal surfaces for welding. Fluxes turn contaminated metal surfaces into clean, solderable part.

: A method of mass soldering Surface Mount Devices with Infra Red (IR) thermal radiation heating the PCB solder paste and components.

PCB : Printed circuit board

: Components that are compatible with surface mount PC board technology. Holes are not used for component mounting. Component leads are soldered to pads on the surface of the PC board (on the same side as the components). For switches, typically defined by surface mount terminations (e.g., JBend. L-Bend, butt, etc.) and compatibility with surface mount soldering (e.g., vapour phase reflow, infrared, etc.) and cleaning processes.

: See SMD

WASHABLE : Applied to PC board mounted devices indicating compatibility with cleaning processes used after soldering. No degradation of electrical or mechanical parameters occurs. The switch is sealed to keep contaminents out of the contact area.

WAVE SOLDERING : A method of soldering in which a wave of molten solder contacts the components on the PCB as the PC Board with the components is conveyed through the process.