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TH Series APEM

Single Axis Throttle

The TH Series is a heavy-duty, friction-clutch device delivering continuous, dual-direction positioning control. Featuring high strength, hand-operated lever action and optional mechanical detents, the TH Series is ideal for applications requiring reliable off-highway operation. Available with several handle options which may accommodate either rear panel or drop-in mounting, widely used applications include forklift and lift-platform automation. The TH Series utilizes non-contact Hall effect technology and is available with dual output options.

BF / BD Series APEM

Paddle Contactless Joystick & Switch

APEM’s BF Series Paddle Control is the very latest generation in high precision contactless controls, combining the features of a contactless single axis joystick with a spring to centre or friction switch. Hall effect technology ensures long, trouble-free life for analogue and switch outputs. The all new design with its innovative mechanism is ergonomically styled for ease of use.

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