14 mm dia. LED indicators

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14 mm dia. panel mount LED indicators

Panel mount LED indicators with 10mm coloured diffused epoxy lens or 10mm water clear super bright LEDs. Bright chrome, black chrome or satin grey bezel finish. Prominent and flush bezel styles. voltage: 2VDC - 220VAC. Terminals: 2.8 x 0.8 solder lug/fastons, pins or 200mm long wires. IP67 sealing option (EN60529). Supplied with fixing nut and spring washer.


14 mm dia. rear panel mount LED indicators

The QRM14 Series is a range of Ø14mm diameter indicators rear panel mount, epoxy sealed and designed to be offered to the back of the panel for assembly. They are available in bi-colored and tri-colored LEDs. Standard, Super and Hyperbright illumination The QRM are: -IP67 sealed to EN60529 - Rear end epoxy sealed - Black chrome finish