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Hardware for miniature and industrial switches

Mounting hardware for switches : knurled and hex nuts, locking rings, lockwashers, cap nuts, dress nuts, ground connectors and sealing washers. Standard hardware is supplied with the switches, other hardware is to order separately.

U3052 APEM

Assembly Tool for the KR series of rocker switches

EXTRACT ACTUATOR (KR ONLY) Allows the extraction of the rocker / rocker support assembly. Place the 2 claws under the support and push as indicated by the arrow. EXTRACT ROCKER (KR ONLY) Allows to separate the rocker from its support. Insert the tool between rocker and support as indicated by the arrrow. Pull out the tool in the opposite direction. EXTRACT SWITCH (KR, KL AND KI) Allows to extract switch from panel mounting units. 2 tools are necessary. Insert the tools between switch and panel mounting units from the rear to compress the snapU3052 in device. Pull off switch manually.