Finger Operated Joysticks

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NZ Series APEM

Ultra Compact Switch Joystick

The NZ Series is a family of ultra compact switch joysticks, designed for the control of either machine functions or menu navigation. With above panel options that mimic the look of either a joystick or a toggle switch, the NZ series offers an IP67 panel sealed, two axes control, in a compact below panel housing.

3000 Series APEM

Contactless Hall Effect Joysticks

The 3000 Series is the very latest generation in high precision contactless joysticks. With a class leading installed depth of <19mm, it is available in one, two or three axes formats. Long trouble-free life is assured with the latest hall effect technology, providing a range of analogue signals or custom PWM output options.

HT Series APEM

Hall Effect Finger operated Joysticks

The HT Series joystick is a long life cycle, Hall effect controller providing reliable multi-axis finger positioning control. Available in single, dual and triple axis configurations, the HT Series joysticks are ideal for harsh environments, finger operated applications requiring increased durability and reliability. Widely used applications include on-road enclosed cabin vehicles, unmanned vehicles and military robotics.

HF Series APEM

Hall Effect Finger operated Joysticks

The HF Series joystick is a contactless, multi-axis controller providing long life finger positioning control. A compact, low-profile joystick utilizing non-contact Hall effect technology, the HF Series joystick is designed for low operating force, clean environment applications requiring enduring accuracy and precision. Now available with CANbus and CANopen options and several ergonomic handles sealed to IP67 and in single, dual or triple axis configurations.

M Series APEM

Miniature resistive joysticks

APEM's Resistive Joystick is a low profile potentiometric controller providing unwavering multi-axis finger-positioning control. Available in two sizes, Standard & Miniature Resistive Joysticks are ideal for applications requiring a compact and reliable, low operating force controller. Featuring several ergonomically designed handles and available in single, dual or triple axis configurations.

4000 Series APEM

Industrial Potentiometer Joysticks

The 4000 Series is a range of highly versatile single, dual, or tri-axial, proportional joysticks. The range employs high quality plastic conductive film potentiometers as standard, and is designed as a sub-panel mount unit.

1000 Series APEM

Low Profile Switch Joysticks

The 1000 Series is a range of robust, panel mounted switch joysticks, and are available with either V4 (5A) or V3 (15A) switches. The 1000 Series can be configured to operate in either single or double axis mode.

1000HE Series APEM

Microswitch joystick for harsh environments

APEM is proud to present the 1000HE series joystick. The 1000HE series is a switching joystick that is designed to work in the hardest of environments and applications. Typical applications include tail lifts for trucks, and electric vehicle controls. This new joystick configuration delivers a product with two sealing boots as standard (an inner and an outer) for a double seal for such harsh environments.

9000 Series APEM

Proportional contactless industrial joysticks

The 9000 Series is a new range of contactless joysticks which are designed specifically for those applications that demand lowest possible profile below the panel.

8000 Series APEM

Rugged Switch Joysticks

The 8000 Series is a family of rugged switch joysticks. Based on the proven mechanics of the 9000 Series, the 8000 Series utilizes high quality microswitches to provide a range of possible outputs, including the option of progressive switching on a single axis for dual speed control.