Rocker Switches

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Power rocker switches

Sealed rocker switch suited for marine, off-road, transportation and agriculture markets. Single and double pole models are available with solder lug, quick connect and screw terminals and with illumination possibilities.


Rectangular LED indicators

The design of the KI series matches the state-of-the-art appearance of the KR, based on curved lines. APEM offers a wide choice of 8 bezel colours, 3 different terminal types and 5 LED colours. For right in the sun applications, a super bright LED option is available.


CAN Bus Integrated Multiplexed Rocker Module

The KS system is a modular mechatronics concept integrating rocker switches and a CAN controller. The KS system uses a CAN bus to communicate the status of rocker switches and provide software control of the blacklight LEDs.


Locking power rocker switches

Power rocker switches available with 2 or 3 positions, with one locked position. Patented intuitive ergonomics.


Sealed power rocker switches

Industrial size SPDT and DPDT models, illuminated or non-illuminated, sealed to IP65, VDE approved with up to a 15 amp rating. Rocker markings available. Raised protection bezel preventing inadvertent actuation of the rocker.


Industrial rocker switches - panel cut-out 19x13

Single pole rocker switches, illuminated or non-illuminated with solder lug, quick connect or pc terminals. Rated up to 10 amps. Numerous actuator colors, plus UL & VDE approvals.


Miniature snap-in rocker switches

Single pole rocker switches in numerous electrical configurations. Black case, a variety of actuator colors, solder lug or straight pc terminals, UL and CSA approved, silver or gold plated terminals. Ratings up to 4 amps.

7000 APEM

Miniature rocker switches

1 and 2 poles, panel and pc mount in numerous configurations. Silver or gold plated contacts, UL, CSA and VDE approvals with ratings up to 6 amps.


Miniature washable rocker switches

Panel and pc mount versions straight or right angle, single and double pole, silver or gold plated contacts. Numerous configurations and options available including UL agency approval. Many actuator options. Process sealed.

2600 APEM

Power rocker switches

Industrial size single pole and double pole models with 3 rocker shapes in a variety of colors. Illuminated or non-illuminated. Solder lug, quick connect or screw terminals available. Rockers can be custom marked. UL, CSA, and VDE approvals and up to 16 amp ratings.